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Lost in Tax Complexity?

Come and Thrive With Us!

At Thrive Tax Solutions, we're on a mission to provide small business owners and side hustlers with game-changing tax strategies. We help ambitious, hard-working entrepreneurs maximize their tax savings, empowering them to invest in their businesses and scale their growth. By doing so, they increase their personal wealth and contribute to their communities meaningfully. We believe in the power of small businesses and are committed to helping them thrive.

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Are you ready to simplify your taxes?


Tax Advisory

Maximize your tax savings as a growing business owner! Our tax planners help you navigate the tax maze, find deductions, organize records, handle estimated payments, and uncover credits. Let us save you money and simplify your taxes, so you can focus on growing your business!

Personal & Business

Coaching Services

We are passionate about empowering your financial journey, be it personal or entrepreneurial. Our personal finance coaching guides you to financial peace and stability, empowering you to live debt-free and secure a prosperous future. Our small business coaching is a catalyst for transforming side hustles into thriving main hustles.

Tax Resolution

Facing a tax audit from the IRS can be a daunting and stressful experience, but with our team by your side, you don't need to be scared or worried about costly processes. Our experts will help you navigate the audit with confidence and ease. Have peace of mind knowing you have reliable and affordable support at your fingertips.


Tax Preparation

Our tax advisors are your dedicated experts in tax optimization! Unlike big tax shops, we specialize in personalized tax strategies tailored to your needs. Trust our team to deliver top-notch service, attention to detail, and significant tax savings for your family.

Areas of Specialization

About Thrive

Aaron Siegel
Founder & Tax Advisor

Aaron Siegel

As the founder of Thrive Tax Solutions and a recognized tax strategy guru, Aaron has turned his passion for numbers and dedication to financial literacy into a thriving business. Known for his ability to break down complex tax matters into manageable concepts, he dedicates himself to empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their financial futures.

What sets Aaron apart is his unyielding commitment to serving the hard-working entrepreneurs of Main Street. From his early days in the corporate world, Aaron has always recognized the potential in those who dare to step off the beaten path and forge their own financial destinies.

He believes that with the right guidance and a little financial savvy, anyone can transform their entrepreneurial dreams into thriving, profitable businesses. This belief drives his mission at Thrive Tax Solutions, where he provides the tax strategies and financial tools that help his clients save money and secure their financial futures.

With Aaron in your corner, the financial future you've been dreaming of is closer than you think.

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Our Clients Love Us!

And we love our clients! Here's a sample of the great feedback we've been receiving!

"I was very grateful for the way Aaron Siegel was able to make me feel at ease in filing my tax return this year. With the changing life events that accorded over the past year and recently, Aaron guided me in the best way to file my tax return. He explained my tax situation in a way that I understood what was happening. The way he clarified the tax ramifications regarding my situation helped me to understand what I needed to do this year setting me up for the upcoming year and beyond. I am deeply grateful for the unexpected way I was put in contact with Aaron last week."

"Aaron gave me great advice, presented options that allowed for quick and easy decisions. I've typically been a novice filing online without knowing what I'm doing. I'm getting a great refund. And it was easy."

"Aaron was very patient and answered all my questions and explained every part of the process very well. He gave me good advice for next year."

"Aaron was very friendly and efficient!"

"Very helpful. Very friendly. A great experience."

"Efficient, professional, knowledgeable"