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We Help America Thrive!

Steps to Thrive

When you partner with Thrive Tax Solutions, you will experience the difference from the beginning.  We believe that filing your returns documents the success you and your business experienced due to your hard work and the execution of great tax strategies.

All of our clients start at our foundational step, Transcript Watch.  We ensure that you are compliant with your IRS filing requirements and have no potential open collections or examinations on your IRS account.  If you are facing a tax audit or collections, we're here to walk with you every step of the way to get you on a firm foundation.

From there, we will work with you to complete a Comprehensive Tax Consultation.  We examine your past returns, current personal and business operations, and investments.  Together we'll build your Trifecta Diagram, representing your current operations and investment portfolio.  We'll begin to design strategies that help you optimize taxes, often unlocking tax-free growth using our proven strategies.

Once you have a plan, we provide methodical business and investment Strategy Coaching to help you unlock exponential growth.  As Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches (who also love the Profit First strategy for businesses), we help ensure you operate efficiently, maintain clean books and payroll, and actively grow your business.

We keep our eye on the prize and work with you to update your tax strategies as you grow.  Want to get into real estate, digital assets, or other investments?  We're here to guide you on optimizing your tax bills every step of the way.

Last, we provide top-tier Tax Preparation Services for your personal and business returns.  At this point, your tax returns celebrate your great success while thriving with us! Plus, our flat-rate fees with no gotchas are a breath of fresh air.

We can assist in these specific areas



Our foundational service, Transcript Watch, was built for everyone from the DIY tax preparer to multi-million dollar small businesses.

We monitor your tax compliance, watch transcripts for pending examinations or collections, and can fight for you if things go wrong with the IRS.

Comprehensive Tax


We're here to help you identify your current operations and investments and develop strategies to optimize your tax bills.

We're connected with the best law firm in the business to help you implement asset protection and tax strategies without breaking the bank.

Business & Investment


We're here when you need coaching about your business or investment strategies. We're certified coaches who love small businesses!

We offer monthly, quarterly, or on-demand coaching sessions to help you as you make great decisions on your path to thriving!


Tax Preparation

We're tax gurus who live and breathe individual and business taxes, so you don't have to. We're connected with tax advisors across the US who love working through tough issues.

Plus, our tax preparation fees are simple. Zero gotcha fees.

Helping you navigate tax problems

Unfiled Taxes

Haven't filed your tax returns?

The IRS is ramping up enforcement action with non-filers in 2023.

We can work with you to get your returns filed and make a game plan to pay or settle your tax bills with the IRS and State tax authorities.

Be sure to file a return before the IRS files a return for you... call us today!

Facing an Audit

Facing an IRS or State Tax Audit?

IRS and State tax examinations can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. 

We provide comprehensive audit support that focuses on minimizing additional liabilities and fighting for your rights every step of the way.

Time is of the essence when you're facing an audit... call us right away so we can review your case!


Facing an IRS Lien, Levy, or Collections?

IRS and State tax authorities can be incredibly aggressive when collecting taxes. 

If you've received a collections notice, lien, or levy notice, we're here to help you fight back.

We can work to confirm the accuracy of the taxes being claimed as owed, stop the painful letters and calls, and permanently resolve your tax debts.

Surprise Taxes

Facing a tax bill you can't afford?

Tax debts are one of the things that bankruptcy often can't solve.

If you've recently filed a return or received a notice for tax bills you can't afford, we can help.

We work with the IRS and State tax agencies every day to work out payment arrangements, stop collections, and settle tax debts once and for all.

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